Friday, 11 May 2012

A Unique Request Leads to another Satisfied, Happy Customer

The garage door installation professionals at Cardale do all they can to meet customer needs, unique requests heard
for the first time are not ignored.
A customer bringing a new challenge to Cardale has surprisingly led to a new option in next year's brochure.
Mrs Shepherdson of Nottingham requested the installation of a letter box on her newly installed garage door.
Though this would be the first time Cardale fulfilled such a request, never one to pass on a challenge they went to work.

After locating a brass letter box to match the existing one on her front door, they installed it on the new garage door.
Mrs Shepherdson was very pleased with having the letter box installed in the exact location she felt ideal. She remains
grateful to the accommodating professionals at Cardale.

This successful challenge has led Cardale to recognise a customer need and have made the decision to include the option
of letter box installation on garage doors in the next brochure. Other customers will now be afforded the opportunity to
embellish their garage door with a letter box just as Mrs Shepherdson was on this occasion.


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